looking forward to a colorful weekend & a friday freebie

Happy Fri-Yay everyone ~  Give-a-way at end of post! 

Telecommuting today -which is so wonderful! My kitchen doubles as my office and art studio. So once I am done with my workday today I am looking forward to finding some art time.

Lately I’ve been trying to brush up on my very limited watercolor skills. Giving myself “permission” to ditch perfection and to just enjoy the process has been a lot of fun.

I took a wonderful class years ago with Jane LaFazio , so I looked back and pulled out some pieces left from that and tried to review my own now incomprehensible class notes :::::::sigh:::::: there was use shadows they really pop stuff.

Back then I was working on flowers and still life vignettes and frustrated by my skill level…I have such a different mind set now and it’s really freeing. Art is my therapy, I just want to have fun and play with color.

Here is a couple of old ones from that time:


Lately I have been reveling in color:

And making some cards:

I am obsessed with the little moonlit landscape that was inspired by Melanie April – she’s offering an online class on these and I can’t wait to do it! She calls these little gems “Wonderland Watercolors“. Off to jump into this rabbit hole with her as soon as work is done today!

I am so excited about it being Friday and having some upcoming art time that I would love to snail mail 3 people a handmade watercolor card. First three people to leave me a comment get some love back!

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